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Our shows take on a comedic style involving physical comedy and witty dialogue. As a young company with limited resources we also use this to our advantage often providing a little wink to the audience in an unapologetic and spectacular fashion.

We believe that comedy is one of the most effective story-telling tools when it comes to exploring serious subject matters. The foundation for our often ridiculous comedy is always a poignant social message which in the past has included mental health amongst other issues.

Current Show


Wayne Ingram
Artistic Director

As the Artistic Director of Tap the Table Productions, Wayne is responsible for the general overseeing of the company and its direction. He is a professional actor and was trained at the School of the Arts: The University of Northampton along with the other two founding members of the company. He has appeared in many roles both on stage and screen including Tap the Table’s ‘Test of Character,’ ‘Gasping’ and ‘The Scottish Play’.

Thomas Liversidge

As Tap the Table’s Producer Thomas is responsible for keeping us nicely ticking over behind the scenes. Originally from Lincolnshire. Thomas trained at the School of the Arts: The University of Northampton. Through Tap the Table, Thomas has taken on the roles of Macduff in 2013’s ‘The Scottish Play’, Phillip in 2012’s tour of ‘Gasping’ and Adey and Greg in ‘Test of Character’.

Nathan Wyer

Nathan is one of Tap the Table’s three founding members. Originally from Stourport. Nathan trained at the School of the Arts: The University of Northampton. Nathan has played many roles with Tap the Table including Banquo in 2013’s ‘The Scottish Play’ as well as David and Michael in Tap the Table’s debut show, 2011’s ‘Test of Character’. In 2013 Nathan stepped down from his role on the Board of Directors to further pursue his music career.

Dominic Hinkins

Dominic joined the company in late 2014. Originally from Lincolnshire Dominic has known Tap the Table co-founder Thomas Liversidge for pretty much his entire life. Dominic became a member of the company to contribute his wide variety of creative skills to Tap the Table including writing, design and more.


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