About The Show

Macbeth – a classically dark and tragic tale of corruption, murder and betrayal. This time however, it’s different. For their fourth outing, Tap the Table Productions will present Shakespeare’s quintessential tragedy as a rip-roaring comedy and a tribute to the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

During ‘Macbeth Gone Mental’ prepare yourself for anything from physical comedy to black comedy mixed in with tear-jerkingly poignant moments as Tap the Table take their unapologetic and ridiculous performance style and use it to transform one of the Bard’s most well known plays into something completely different.


Supported by the University of Northampton and UnLtd

Confirmed Tour Dates

22nd – 25th August

Upstairs at the Gatehouse

(As Part of the Camden Fringe)

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Meet The Cast

Ashlee Sopher
as Macbeth

Therese Robinson as Lady Macbeth

Wayne Ingram
as Macduff

Thomas Liversidge
as Banquo

Rehearsal Photos